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Dr Sally Arnold

SallyDr Sally Arnold graduated from Keele University in 2013, and has completed all of her psychiatry training within the Staffordshire region. Dr Arnold was awarded membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2017, and became a consultant in 2022. Dr Arnold has been hardworking and dedicated throughout her training, and passed all exams first time.

Dr Arnold has a particular interest in women’s health, including the impact on mental state due to menstrual disorders, gender dysphoria and menopause. Dr Arnold is the co-author of two journal publications on premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and holds a diploma in obstetrics and gynaecology. Dr Arnold also has a particular interest in perinatal psychiatry, and supporting women with mental health problems through pregnancy and after birth. Parenthood can be a challenging transition for both mothers, fathers and other family members, which can manifest in a number of ways including bonding difficulties, relationship problems and feelings of incompetency. Dr Arnold has been on a number of Royal College approved perinatal courses, and has worked in both outpatient and inpatient mother and baby services, managing patients in the perinatal period. In 2011 she also won the Royal College of Psychiatrists addiction prize, with her essay on substance misuse in pregnancy. Dr Arnold also has an appreciation of how other obstetric complications can impact on mental health, including miscarriage, fertility problems and traumatic labour.

Dr Arnold holds an accreditation in liaison psychiatry. Liaison psychiatry appreciates the synergistic relationship between physical health and the impact on mental health. During the pandemic, Dr Arnold worked with a mental health liaison team for 2 years, managing patients in hospital who were also suffering from mental illness, including those on intensive care. Dr Arnold uses her knowledge of physical health conditions to create personalised management plans, which encapsulates both physical and mental health problems. During her training Dr Arnold has also worked in neuropsychiatry managing patients with a range of neurological complications.

Dr Arnold has an interest in medical ethics, and is currently undertaking a masters in medical ethics and law. She has also contributed to webinars for a solicitors company on some ethical and legal issues which arise within psychiatry, written numerous tribunal reports and presented evidence within mental health tribunals.

During her psychiatric training Dr Arnold has applied psychological theories to her management plans, and has utilised her knowledge of various psychological methods, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Directorial Behavioural Therapy and graded exposure, to benefit patients. Before prescribing any medication Dr Arnold discusses in detail the risks and benefits of medication options, and any required physical health monitoring, and allows patients to be fully involved with all decision making.

Dr Arnold is passionate about quality improvement and ensuring that treatment options are in line with the most up to date evidence. Dr Arnold has written a number of policies to allow safe management of patients, and actively participates in quality improvement projects to continually improve the standard of patient care. A number of these projects have been accepted as poster presentations at national and international conferences, including the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress.

Dr Arnold is also an instructor on an emergency psychiatric emergencies course called APEX, and engages in the teaching of other professionals including medical students and other doctors. Dr Arnold has also contributed to online teaching modules for both the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the World Psychiatry Association.

Dr Arnold offers assessment and treatment for a range of general adult psychiatric conditions, including mood and anxiety disorders, psychosis and personality disorders. She also offers specialist assessments and treatment for patients in the perinatal period and those with complicating physical health conditions.

In feedback from colleagues and patients Dr Arnold has been described as a supportive, motivated and dedicated doctor, who understands patients’ individual needs, and makes sure patients are equal participants in meetings, with their views being respected.  Dr Arnold is also the author of a publication “What patient’s want from their doctors,” focusing on what qualities patients value in their doctors, and how this can be incorporated into medical education.

Dr Arnold works within Staffordshire, and is able to offer appointments face to face or via video link depending on patient preference.


Professional Qualifications

MBChB- Keele University 2013. (Medical Degree)

MRCPsych 2017 (Member Royal College Psychiatrists)

DRCOG 2018 (Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

MA due to complete in 2022. Keele University. (Medical Ethics and Law Masters)

Section 12 Approved since 2018

Responsible Clinician since 2021

Full GMC licence. On the specialist register for general adult psychiatry with an endorsement in liaison psychiatry.

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